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PAX: Land of Heroes and Legends

A role playing game book with rules and six adventures.

Characters can be one of 5 classes and one of 5 races.

Each class and race has it's own skill bonuses

The monsters that are in the book are leveled to meet the characters who are playing them.

This book comes with 2 optional books, 1 is the Wizard spell book with spells up to 20th level. The 2nd book is a Priest spell log that covers Priest spells up to 20th level.

This is all done using the 3D6* mechanic (see dice below)

The price of this handbook is $15

The optional books are $5 each

However if all 3 books are purchased together are $22 plus shipping and handling.


Royal Blood Royal

A card game playable by up to 8 people

$18.00 online with shipping and handling

You choose 1 of 10 characters, each having their own mission to complete

The 1st person to complete the characters missions is the winner

This is a competitive card game with players trying to be first to complete their mission

This game can also be played cooperatively to complete the mission


Buy Extra Dice

3 d6 dice

Dice has a 0 and 8 instead of 1 and 6.

These dice are the game mechanic for all Capps Games.

$7.95 (Shipping and Handling included)

Capps Games presents

Hayden Smart's Baseball Card Baseball.

This game is for those baseball fanatics still young at heart with a love for the greatest game ever played... Baseball

This game is dedicated to our greatest rules lawyer whom we lost. His impact upon this game is seen in what is called Hayden's rules.

I am dedicating this game imaginative, funny, happy, loving grandson a man could have.

Thank you Hayden for being YOU.

$10 including tax and shipping

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